How to Create an Effective Sales Funnel Case

Are you considering expanding your business? Here are some tips. And here’s how these might or might not work in your business.

First, consider marketing and expand your database to allow you to increase your customer base. There is an expense to this – but marketing is an expense that will help to make more money back.

  • Consider rewarding your customers for referrals – Avoid paying customer to capture unqualified referrals, but treat each customer as a valued resource. This is a well established strategy used by large firms like Starbucks,, Google… to mention just a few.
  • Consider printing your own business cards – In the 70’s this was a great technique. Now it’s a must. With a little bit of experimenting, you can print your own brochures and cards, as well as have your own business cards software. With this software you can design your own cards and even print the cards! This really does make you look big and it serves another purpose, allowing you to set up direct mail campaigns.
  • Consider setting up a website – From yours, you can have blog posts on your blog, articles on your blog, videos, e-mails, etc. Better yet do it for your specific market. (e.g. I have a blogger brand certification client who needed a video proof to promote her training business). And by doing this, you bring your website exactly the way that your target market wants it to be – a mammoth win/win in itself.
  • Consider creating case studies and demonstrate your expertise. – While case studies are great, so much of it is missing at most consulting firms. Having a collection of case studies that connects your expertise to real customer needs actually demonstrates your expertise. Put together a case study for a particular situation or accomplishment and ensure that there is a link to your blog, a video or an article. This builds your credibility and positions you as an expert in the eyes of your target market.
  • Consider creating some presentations – Besides case studies, why not create some presentations about your service, and ask your clients to pitch your services to decision makers? This is a great way – and it’s a key step in creating an effective sales funnel. Case studies, seals shrew helpings, ownership,uss vector graphics or presentations – whatever you use – make a huge difference. Not only do you get an excellent testimonial system, but you commit to demonstrating your expertise every time you release a collection of sales brochures? This strategy creates a long lasting association with your customers.
  • Consider real estate. – Another technique which is a must is to create a method of inventory tracking. Track your inventory and/or your contacts, and use the 80/20 rule: 80% is for your existing customers, and 20% is for the people you’re trying to reach. This will allow you to generate a much faster result, and you get to know your targets even better.

The point of this level of expansion is having the right marketing strategy. Using this list, you know who your current customers are, you know where to locate and resettle your prospects based on where they are in their buying cycle. This will most definitely increase your business value and set you up for a return on your time and effort.

If you want this kind of growth then you need the right methods which will allow you to do all this effectively. That is why you have so many choices today in the ability to market your business. There are literally hundreds of different methods to reach your customers, and you can use them effectively to really create your own home run – for your business success. Identify the right real estate marketing option for you and your firm and dive in to take action.

minus the cost – no web page creation

no branding strategy/product set up

no full time employee – so you can start your business by only doing the things that you enjoy and what is best for you.

if you’re older than 12 – tightly focused on being able to get connected interning or internship training helps create a niche in the industry.

if you’re interested in building your business from the ground up – you only have to learn the strategies that you enjoy. If you don’t have a passion for something, you won’t do well with it.

if it’s needed for your business or career (i.e. your certification doesn’t mean you’re a guru because you haven’t gone through the process yet) it’s just not worth it.

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