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3 of The Wisest Ways to Invest

Investing is about making your money work for you. It differs from saving in that with investing you are generally tying up your money for longer periods and do not have quick access to your funds. In exchange for this sacrifice, however, the returns on your money can be greater than a savings account can offer.

So, for a few ways to invest wisely, continue reading and learn the secrets to greater financial gain and risk spreading.


Investing in property remains a method likely to mean a greater return on your investment in the long term. This is when you buy the property in one year and then sell it many years later. This is in contrast to most motor vehicles that will depreciate the moment that they are driven off the forecourt.

It is no wonder that many people today are considering property investments as both a stable and long-term place to put their money in. To start off, however, some basic knowledge about the markets around the world (or wherever you wish to invest) is important. If this interests you, and you wish to know more about real estate investment, click here.

Houses and other property rented will generally earn a return of above 10% for the owner. An acceptable return on this type of investment can also be considered to be between 5% and 10%. In the UK, a Buy-to-Let Property will generally yield up to 8%, whereas in the US, the average return on investment for real estate is, according to the index, slightly higher at 8.6%. So property returns are good wherever you are investing. If you are inclined to learn more about investing in real estate, whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, you can consult specialist advisors like Michael Teys who would be able to give you a better idea about this field.

Investment Portfolio

It can be good to spread your risk by investing in many different types of financial situations as part of your investment portfolio, from investment plans to shares to property.

Investing in the stock market is a popular choice among many, as these days anybody can become a trader in a few steps. However, it is important to know where to get your tips and information about buying and selling, in order to sustain profitability. For example, there are articles that indicate a change in share value based on recent changes in the company, like here how the article talks addition of new drugs at a biotech firm.

The share market is a very volatile one, meaning that prices can go down as well as up. It can be a wise decision not to invest in all the shares of one country, in case something should happen to that country’s economy that affects the share price. Also, do not invest in any one company, no matter what its performance has been in the past. If you do, all your money is at risk if there should be an announcement in the financial news that has a damaging effect on the share price. If you are prepared to wait then share prices may rise again but perhaps still not to the levels they once were. So, invest with caution in shares. Also, bear in mind that different types of shares have different rights, and not just voting ones, but also about who will be paid out first as a creditor should the company end up in financial difficulty. For instance, preferred shareholders would be paid before those owning common stock shares. This is because they have priority for repayment in the event of bankruptcy.

Investment plans will generally invest in global shares and so spread the risk for you. They are managed by those experienced in finance and economic trends. They are the best kind of investment for those not financially minded but just wanting their money to earn a good return compared to the low-interest rates generally offered by most savings accounts.

Investing in Objects

Like property, gold remains a good investment. It is also a way to quickly turn an object back into cash. This is because there is always the meltdown value in the gold, apart from the extra value that age and beauty can bring.

When there are economic uncertainties, people will invest in gold. They know that they can rely on it as a wonderful hedge against inflation. A good time to invest in gold is considered by investors to be when inflation rates are high. Some people may also have an interest in other precious metals since a few metals like silver and platinum can grow in demand in the near future. If you are unsure about which metal to invest in, you can look for blogs on investing in silver or gold for your portfolio to learn about their pros, cons, and comparisons.

Gold is a good way to invest for the future while having a beautiful object to look at. However, for security reasons, you might want to keep the object in a safety deposit box at a bank, rather than displaying the object for all to admire. Some gold investors will want to wear a piece of their gold for special occasions. You then have to balance the insurance required to protect your investment against the return likely should you come to sell the gold item. But then, you have to weigh up how much you have enjoyed owning or wearing the item.

In summary, consider buying a second home, if you have that amount of money to invest, as it continues to provide a greater long-term return than most other forms of investment. An investment portfolio will provide a way to spread the risk when you are not investing in any one thing to excess. As far as investing in objects goes, gold continues to provide investors with the best returns, along with investing in certain antique objects. Platinum and silver also offer good returns on investments because as they are precious metals. Gold remains the king, though.

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